Cremation services

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We now offer individual cremation services for horses, pony and other large pet animals (goats sheep pigs etc)

Even in death i try to maintain the best levels of dignity possible when handling the animals.



I have my own machine designed just for single horses to ensure that the cremations are always genuine.

I keep photographic records of all  cremations so that if there are ever any questions regarding a cremation then proof can be provided you can even come

and watch if you wish as I try to be as open as possible. 

Prices are dependent on size of the animal and location 

I normally offer a choice of caskets 

Any questions please just ask



Dissection Classes


 Due to covid19 we are not running any classes, I will update here when we have more information.

I run anatomy classes at Dartmoor Zoo, near Plymouth to the educational benefit of colleges, schools, clubs and the general public.

Classes are normally held in the autumn and spring if you would like to be notified of the next class please email me This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  


These sessions have proven to be particularly popular with educational establishments looking to give their students a unique insight into the anatomy and inner workings of large animals. However, they are also gaining increased interest from pony clubs and individual owners keen to improve their knowledge about the animals they love and work with every day.


Whilst the animals used in the sessions are predominately ponies, with sufficient notice for group bookings I can arrange for other animals to be included for comparative anatomy demonstrations.


All the animals used in the sessions are those scheduled for destruction by the owners for a variety of reasons. We do not put down animals for the purposes of the dissection class.


The viewing room holds up to 25 people and is separated from the dissection room by a glass wall which provides an excellent view whilst eliminating contamination risks and unpleasant smells.


To arrange a session for your group please email me:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Details on the next public session can be found here.


A few of the comments from past dissections

I attended the last dissection on the 10th December and it was extremely educational and very interesting, I learnt so many things it was very interesting to see how the horses gut really works and some of the things that can go wrong and how the body works from the inside. Seeing the lungs in action and how the heart really works was amazing and I was fascinated by how big the teeth really were!


Andrew Goatman did all of this with dignity and respect for the pony. We knew the reason for the pony being put down in the first place. I would highly recommend this to anyone interested in horse anatomy, there is nothing gory about it. I will definitely be going to this one.


It was really informative, thank you. Just to any one having doubts, about 20 of us from North Devon Riding Club went to this in December and it was excellent and we would like to go again - can really recommend this


This is amazing to watch. Seen it last year. Well worth it


Here are some picures of an equine session held in 2012,


378917_2295789151341_1535916203_n Copy 1
AndrewGoatmanPonyDissection102 Copy 1
AndrewGoatmanPonyDissection103 Copy 1
AndrewGoatmanPonyDissection108 Copy 1
AndrewGoatmanPonyDissection111 Copy 1
AndrewGoatmanPonyDissection117 Copy 1
AndrewGoatmanPonyDissection120 Copy 1
AndrewGoatmanPonyDissection121 Copy 1
AndrewGoatmanPonyDissection169 Copy 1
AndrewGoatmanPonyDissection20 Copy 1
AndrewGoatmanPonyDissection24 Copy 1
AndrewGoatmanPonyDissection25 Copy 1
AndrewGoatmanPonyDissection26 Copy 1
AndrewGoatmanPonyDissection30-1 Copy 1
AndrewGoatmanPonyDissection31-1 Copy 1
AndrewGoatmanPonyDissection32-1 Copy 1
AndrewGoatmanPonyDissection33-1 Copy 1
AndrewGoatmanPonyDissection34 Copy 1
AndrewGoatmanPonyDissection35-1 Copy 1
AndrewGoatmanPonyDissection36-1 Copy 1
AndrewGoatmanPonyDissection38 Copy 1
AndrewGoatmanPonyDissection77 Copy 1
AndrewGoatmanPonyDissection97 Copy 1
AndrewGoatmanPonyDissection99 Copy 1