A P Goatman

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Andrew Goatman is a specialist in the humane destruction of equines, exotic animals and farm animals
Whilst he mostly specialises in horses and ponies, he is licensed for all species of animals, from dogs through to lions and tigers.
With over 25years experience working with horses (used to work at sud farm and livery yard)  and with over 15 years experience putting horses down, he can ensure that's it's done the best way possible for the horse, he never rushes to job, as much time is given everytime as needed to ensure everything is humane and possible and horse neither knows or feels anything, he likes to give horses and final feed whilst putting them down so the last thing horse knows in a nice bucket of feed whilst being spoken to softly.
Whether as an emergency/casualty or pre-arranged time, he will come to your own premises to put down your animal. He will then remove the body for disposal. Besides the standard  disposal option, he also offers the option of “recycling” some species of animals that can be used for the supply of meat for zoo animals.
Also he offers individual cremations with ashes returned fir equines of all sizes, these are guaranteed to be your horses ashes returnes,.
To ensure peace of mind as we also are aware of the cases with some places across the country that have not been genuine with horse cremations, what we offer is what the best of the  small animal crematoriums offer and that's a video or photos of the cremation if its desired. 
Ashes from cremation can be returned in either a scatter bag, or a casket,  or any other suitable container that the owner wishes us to use.
Payment plans for individual equine cremations can be arranged, he also can take most major credit and debit cards to make things as easy as possible.
He is a licensed Slaughterman, Marksman and Dart Gun Operator.

He also does consultancy work advising on the slaughter and handling of animals. He has appeared on the following TV programs: "My life as an animal" where he discussed the euthanasia of horses, "Countryfile" on which he slaughtered Dartmoor Ponies, "Kill it, Cook it, Eat it" on which he slaughtered calves on the farm and "Jimmy and the giant supermarket" which highlighted the wasteful slaughter of Dairy Bull calves.

Based in South Brent, Devon (between Exeter and Plymouth) he covers the majority of the South West (Devon, Cornwall , Somerset, Dorset, etc) but is able to provide costs for a collection from outside this area.